Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Getting Closer...

Hi All! I just can't tell you how much i miss SugarPlumStitches & creating! However... I am getting closer to the completion of a project that has been in the works for over a year now. Which means that i am that much closer to creating again! I have been working on the addition of the NEW SugarPlum Stitches Studio! (not to mention a garage, two bedrooms, a bathroom & 1/2, dining room & family room!-pshewww!)
but it all started because i wanted a place to create & a place for SugarPlum Stitches to call home.
I am getting so excited! Excited for new things & especially a new space for creating! I miss it so much!
Just thought that i would come in and get started on our NEW BLOG! and give you an update. I hope that you come back often for more updates. Until i am up and running fully, i will come in and post some of my favorite things here to share with you.

Well, i know you aren't as excited as i am... but I at least hope that you share some of the excitement with me.

xoxoxo Thanks for all your love and words of encouragement. Can't wait to see you again SOON!

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  1. Jodi oh girl I am so excited to see you with this blog and the video of your new SS studio!!!!! I have missed you and your creations; I really look forward to you sharing your beautiful and creative work with the world again!


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