Friday, July 10, 2009

Simplicities Of Summer

Life can be crazy & hectic...

mine lately is of no exception! Simplicity has been at the forefront of my mind for weeks now. I have desired a more simplistic day...

Lately our time has been taken up by so many things. Summer hit with a BANG!

traveling (almost 3,000 miles on ol' Bessie)

baseball games & practices

construction-my home has been turned over on its head-no bedroom for me; which means no closet!-no where to fit MY bed-the dirt! OH! the dirt!

my yard is completely torn apart. OH! how i miss my yard. beautiful green grass and flowers...

a new Love-& what to do with all that comes along with that! Ü even Love & Happiness can be a little stressful sometimes! Especially when each of us has a house to maintain... not to mention that one of the two is completely under construction!


visiting family

entertaining children

did i mention the dirt?

Now, while that all sounds like a bunch of complaining... I really do have to say that i am so thankful! EVERYTHING in my life right now is absolutely wonderful! (minus the dirt!) Just all of it put together... is chaotic! Somewhere in there, in the mix, it would be nice to be able to slow down just a bit. To be able to simplify things & find some quiet.

In my thoughts of simplicity, i came across this blog post:

The Homespun Heart

I loved reading it. Plus it got me to thinking... really, what is simplicity. I always LOVE to look up the actual meaning of words in the dictionary. Here is what i found for SIMPLICITY:

*the quality of being simple or uncompounded

i think that this might be what we all are looking for. a desire to weed out all the unnecessary clutter of things and activities that we have over running our lives. Time to breath and just enjoy my surroundings sounds wonderful.

another part of the defination of "simplicity" that i read was this:

*ease: freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort.

Now that got me really to thinking. Thinking about our purpose in this life... here on this earth. We were told that this life would not be easy. I don't think that i would like it to be. What sense of accomplishment comes from that? If everything were easy... how boring!

For me, there aren't too many feelings that top the one that i get when i have accomplished something that was very hard for me. I have seen a fair share of challenges in my short life so far. I am proud of who i am & the things that i have been able to accomplish. In over coming those difficult challenges and things, we learn and grow & become more like our Heavenly Father.

Although i desire those quiet moments of peace and serenity & whole heartedly believe that they are important to my sanity!... I too, have to say how thankful i am that this life isn't always easy. It is sometimes hard to balance; but I am learning!

I am thankful for the chances that i have to say... "I did it!!!" and be proud.
Sometimes just finding those moments of simplicity are those huge accomplishments! Ü

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