Monday, August 31, 2009


This summer, i have tried to involve my kids in being active & healthier. They did their first Triathalon! they were amazing! Plus we were all involved in several other organized races!
Well, the 'being active' bug has caught on! This makes me excited! Excited because we have been able to do several organized races together as a family this summer. I love that!

Being active comes with a bit of a price. Ü The kids have decided that they would each like to have an iPod of their own. Well... iPods are expensive... especially when you are buying 4 of them!!! So, Courtney, Drake, Sadie & Carson have pulled together and started their own little business!
(what...?? did you think "I" was going to buy FOUR iPods for them? heck NO!) Ü

It is called Move Me Designs.

The name has a few different meanings behind it... but for now... I just wanted to show you one of the adorable things that they have been working on for you!

Aren't these letter blocks ADORABLE!?
There are FOUR blocks. Each one with w/ a different letter.
In this particular set: L O V E
They have been painted RED and then slightly sanded and distressed. An adorable red floral paper has been added to the front, and sealed with a water-based sealer & then to top them off, some sparkles have been added.
Each block measures 4" x 4" x 1"
Their total weight is 20 ounces & they can be shipped first class or priority ($4.95)
This adorable set can be Yours for $6.00 + shipping cost.
(scatter JOY framed stitchery not included! Ü)
Add a little L O V E to your home, and help some kids stay active at the same time!

Have an idea of your own? Guess what! They will take custom orders! Let Move Me Designs know what letters and colors you would like used on your blocks... and they will custom build them for you!~ They are making 3 different sizes:
3" x 3"; 4" x 4"; & 5" x 5"

Stay tuned! because the kids have much more up their sleeves!
They are determined to get those iPods!

Friday, August 28, 2009

What makes You giddy?

Life is full of Happy moments, but when i say 'giddy', I am talking about those things that are so fun & just make you want to giggle with JOY! Do you know what i am talking about? Those things that are not necessities-or esencial for general happiness in life, but only full of wants and dreams. Thing that don't always come along in life-but they do if you work hard & reach long. Those things that make you giggle with JOY when they do come. They turn out exactly how you had them pictured in your mind and yet only better! You know them... those things that just add that extra bit of excitement to your already happy life as a BONUS.
I know you have all experienced what i am talking about & I want to hear about them!!!
What makes you 'Giddy'?
I thought that it was time for a little update on the studio over @ SugarPlum Stitches! This was one of my Very 'giddy' moments. We are laying tile in the studio. Even as the Very first row started to go in... i got the giddy giggles! I was so excited! It is beautiful & even better than i had it pictured in my mind. As we got more and more of the tiles laid, I was more and more thankful that i didn't change my mind on the paint color. I LOVE IT!
Here is what we have been up too!