Friday, August 28, 2009

What makes You giddy?

Life is full of Happy moments, but when i say 'giddy', I am talking about those things that are so fun & just make you want to giggle with JOY! Do you know what i am talking about? Those things that are not necessities-or esencial for general happiness in life, but only full of wants and dreams. Thing that don't always come along in life-but they do if you work hard & reach long. Those things that make you giggle with JOY when they do come. They turn out exactly how you had them pictured in your mind and yet only better! You know them... those things that just add that extra bit of excitement to your already happy life as a BONUS.
I know you have all experienced what i am talking about & I want to hear about them!!!
What makes you 'Giddy'?
I thought that it was time for a little update on the studio over @ SugarPlum Stitches! This was one of my Very 'giddy' moments. We are laying tile in the studio. Even as the Very first row started to go in... i got the giddy giggles! I was so excited! It is beautiful & even better than i had it pictured in my mind. As we got more and more of the tiles laid, I was more and more thankful that i didn't change my mind on the paint color. I LOVE IT!
Here is what we have been up too!


  1. You make me giddy! I love how bold your being with your dang cute!! I couldn't be happier for you two. Love you come visit me!!

  2. Hi Jodi. Thanks for adding me as your friend on facebook. I've really enjoyed visiting your blog and learning a little bit about you. Loved watching your video of your home fun and exciting!

    Take care and I look forward to getting to know you :)


  3. Jodi!! I love your room! It is so cute and fun and bright and cheery! Love you!


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