Friday, October 9, 2009

Mom, are we there yet?

... if you are a parent, I imagine that you have heard this prob. just as many times as i have.

" Mom, are we there yet? "

Well, today i feel like just throwing that question out there myself!

This past year has been chuck FULL of so many different & life changing things for me.
So many new things have come into my life.
  • In February, i finally started on the addition to my house; the project that I talked about for at least a year before that!
  • Around that same time... the end of February, I met the most amazing man! Since then, it has been a whirlwind love story! They just don't write them this good! I FOR SURE have one up on every romance novel out there! bet ya 5 bucks! Ü Seriously... they just don't write them this good! (some day i'll tell ya the full story! it's a good one!)
  • With my wonderful love story... my family size Doubled! That in itself has brought its many wonderful times and stresses.
  • All four kids are becoming of ages that has required me, as a Mother, to learn new things. Who would have thought an 11 year old boy, who has been a total Angel his entire childhood, could be so onry all of a sudden! geez! Ü
  • with everything under 'construction'; has been on hold for WAY too long. I can't even begin to tell you how much i miss it! how much i miss creating and sewing and seeing adorable faces come to life! Just know i miss it!

it has seriously been the most wonderful year! 2009 has ROCKED IT! I am so blessed, and my happiness over flowith Ü

with that said...

" Mom, are we there yet!? "

I am feeling it! I am FINALLY starting to feel somewhat settled! I think that i am getting Close!

  • Construction is in it 'finishing stages'. It has taken WAY longer then i had hoped. There were so many retarted hick-ups along the way, but my gosh! We have gotten past them! we are sooo close! Prince Charming has been a Hero. I don't know that i could have finished this project without him.

walls are up & painted! roof is on! tile has been laid (*side note... who would have thunk that i would have such a hard time deciding what the past tense form of lay is!!! is it layed? or laid? weird! so i had to look it up! Does Layed even really exhist? hmmmm. all of you get your minds out of the gutter! ;) ) in the studio & in the mud room! The doors are hung and they have knobs and everything! I can even lock up my house now! wow! No more of the entire backside of my house being wide open to the 'elements'. i have Even been using the GARAGE! I know... get out! with a garage door opener in my Car even! I know!... Crazy! Ü and the snow isn't even here yet! just a little taste of how NICE that is going to be!
We are nearly past our electrical 'hick-up'. soon. Geez... Power? I am going to have POWER? Niiiiice! Ü We need some hard wood floor layed and then carpet & some fixtures hung... oh. so. close!

  • the love story fairytale continues to move forward and continues to open my eyes to things that i have never experienced! Who knew love could be this good!? Not me! My Prince Charming shows me every day how much he loves and cares about me.

  • even with our instantly larger family... everything seems to be just fitting and falling into place. We have had our struggles for each of us to find our 'spot' and our roles, but it feels like it is all coming together. I am learning new things, and hopefully becoming a better Mom.

  • it must or might be the fall crisp in the air, but i have missed SugarPlumStitches more then ever! With construction almost finished, i just don't know that i can wait much longer to create-so i am jumping the gun! I am starting! and it feels OH! so good! (see below or click here) Ü

So.... the answer to my question today...??

" Yes baby! We are Almost there! " Ü

To celebrate us "almost being there", here is my first of hopefully MANY offerings of the fall/winter season! YaY!

Come on IN my Pretty...


  1. Jodi, she is so dang cute! Congrats on getting back in the sadle...whoot whoot!!

  2. I love her Jod! I can't wait to see what else you are going to create!


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