Thursday, October 22, 2009

tis the Season for "BOO-ing"

We miss Aunt Carrie.

Especially in times like these! When the "fun" holidays start to unravel. It is in times like these, that i want to be like her... i want to be her! Ü Aunt Carrie revels in Halloween & all things FUN! We were lucky enough to be the 'surprise' recipiants on occasion of a BOO treat on many a Halloween season!

I saw this post over @ TomKatStudio's (always just way too cute btw!) blog, and it made me miss my sister.
Have you ever been BOO'ed? or how bout DONE the BOO-ing?
OH! it is so much fun! it is door-bell ditching at it's finest! Just make a super fun Halloween treat & let the kiddo's make the deliveries!

So! in my sister's honor, i just had to share this adorable BOO, pre-made sign!

We will be BOO-ing this weekend!

Maybe something like...

this (by - become a fan here) or This

so, don't be too frightened if you get a knock on your door this weekend... our bite only hurts for a little while...

Wish Carrie & all the cousins were with us!

Thanks TomKatStudio! SO CUTE! Become a FAN Here! Check our her ETSY here!

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