Friday, November 6, 2009

Thankful... 11/06/09

This morning i came across these pictures of Carson . My eyes welled up with tears, which were soon streeeeaming down my face... and I knew instantly what i was thankful for today!

Today, I am SO Thankful that i have been given the chance to LOVE this sweet little boy.
I mean, any of you that know me, even just a little bit, know that it is fairly easy for me to love children... but the chance that i have been given to LOVE Carson and Courtney is extra special. The love i have for them is extra special.

Many of you might not know, but it was Carson's Mommy that ultimately introduced Bart & I.

Kristi, Carson & Courtney's Mommy, passed away this last January-ending her long battle with Cancer. The week before she passed away, she gave Bart my name. He added my name to a list they had been compiling. He had no idea who i was, & thought that he would be stuck mowing the lawn of some 80 year old woman. Well, of course that was not the case-and a fairytale love story adventually began, all thanks to Kristi.

We miss her, but I will be forever indebted & grateful to her for what she has given me. She, for some reason... saw something in me & allowed me to be a part of, share & has allowed me to love her family. For that... there just aren't enough words of Gratitude.

Today, I am Thankful for this sweet face. Carson.

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  1. OMG - Jodi - tears are flowing! Instantly, I thought of the movie with Julie Roberts (Stepmom).

    I dont know if you remember me from PM, but my son lost his wife (24 yrs old) in a car accident in 2007, leaving a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old motherless.

    God Bless you - for mothering these children!! I look in the eyes of a now 6-1/2 yr old sweet little girl and precious 4-1/2 yr old everyday that are motherless and how I pray that God will send them a special person just like you!

    Karen in Texas


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