Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Over at facebook, i have challenged my facebook friends this month, to update their 'status' at least once a day with something they are thankful that day. I love this idea, because even in such hard times for so many, i believe strongly that there is good to be found in every single day... no matter what! I know this to be true, because i practice it... every day... not just in the month of November when we all like to show extra appreciation and gratitude.
I keep a daily Gratitude journal. I love to count my blessings... every day. There is always something to be thankful for!

In the Spirit of being Thankful and this little challenge i have sent out to all of you, I thought that i would add a little bit of extra fun...

I want to share with you one of my gratitude journals. or at least... one for yourself! I want to make you one of your very own.
So! (pictures to come soon! I have to make it first! Ü This idea just came to me this morning) So! to be entered to Win... just leave me a comment telling me that you are commiting to the challenge. That you are going to update your "status" at least ONCE a DAY with something that you are grateful for that day. That is SO EASY! right?
I am hoping that this will make it just a little bit more fun.
The pictures i have added to this post has to do with what i am Thankful for today.
Today I am Thankful for a God. Mother Nature is a wonderous thing! It is amazing... the things she can do!
These picture are of mud! MUD! Mud in a street gutter in front of Bart's house. I took these pictures. I was amazed at what Mother Nature was creating.
You can see the shadow line created by the sun, just barely shining over the curb into the gutter. Where the sun had hit, it was drying out the mud and the mud was creating these spictacular curls! They were SUPER fragile! and would crack and break if you even breathed on them very hard.
but oh my goodness! They were so KEWL!
There are SO MANY 'life lessons' that i could take out of these pictures... but i will leave that one up to you-to take away from the pictures what you would like.
I just love them!
So, for today... I am thankful for a God that gives us Mother Nature who gives us amazing things to appreciate, if we only take the time to notice & appreciate!


  1. I have managed for two days!! I am committed, I love this challenge:)

  2. ha ha jodi, I don't know why it showed up kristin except that I have a brief volleyball blog for her. hmmmm this is loretta:)

  3. love this pic.. love this whole idea..


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