Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Sister Carrie...

... is AMAZING! She comes up with the CUTEST ideas and is seriously the most "over the top-FUN Mom EVER!" Just go over and take a peek at a few of her blog posts!
My Niece Addison's 2nd birthday party for example HERE I mean HELLO! Just check out the spread for that party! I wanna be 2 again... just so my sister can throw me a party!

BUT!... the post of hers that i want to share with you (she is my guest 'speaker' today and she doesn't even know it yet.... ) is her Valentine's she made for her kids! I mean... just check these out! SO CUTE! I mean... i helps that my niece and nephew are so DELISH!!! Seriously!
I love these Valentine's SO MUCH... i am MAKING my kids pass these out as their valentine's this year... wether they want to or not! Ü Even BOTH of my boys! (thanks Care!)

SO... without further AIE-Due... ;) Here is my sister Carrie!

School Valentine's
A couple of days ago I was taking some pictures of Maya to make invitations for her upcoming birthday party and I was hit by an idea for our class Valentine's this year.
These were SOOOOOOO easy.

I put up a white poster board on our garage door and snapped some pics of Maya and Kai with their arms stretched out and their hands in a fist...

and then through the powers of photoshop I turned them into this...

I sent them to the hour photo at Costco and paid 13 cents each for 4x6 prints. I then slit some holes in the picture at the bottom and top of their fists and slipped in a sucker that I found in the $1 bin at Target.
Here is the finished product.....

...and there you have it.

School Class

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  1. Thanks for all the "shout outs" Jod. My blog has never had so many visits! You are so popular :)
    P.s. Love your blog makeover, too!


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