Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th of July - American style!

Make It and Love IT!
OH! my goodness! I LOVE this little project! I am SO making me one, and maybe the kids and Bart too... if they are lucky! My sister Jen is coming tomorrow! Maybe we can do them all together!
HURRY! go and check out the 'how-too' HERE! easy peasy!

i love you... do you?

When you give yourself credit for something, you take pride in what you do!
that doesn't mean you think you are better than someone else...
it just means that you value who you are & you send that message to the world.
-- jillian michaels
I watched "Loosing it with Jillian" today and this quote in last nights episode with the Vivio Family touched me.
receiving accolades has always been hard for me. i personally have struggled with this my entire adult life. i know that a lot of it has to do with an abusive relationship that i survived 11 years ago. I was never good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, tough enough... just never enough. It is amazing what you start to believe, feel about yourself, and start to change who you are and how deep it goes, when someone that is supposed to love you, makes you feel this way.
That relationship was a lifetime ago and i am definately no longer that person anymore, that was changed by an abusive relationship, however i continue to deal with some of the residual effects of not feeling worthy of greatness or feeling worthy of good things or praise in myself when someone extends me a compliment.
i saw in this episode, similarities between this mom and myself with my own 12 year old son. He struggles at times with his self esteem. It made me think... do i have something more to do with his esteem than i think i do? Does he do as he sees me do? My heart broke!
I love my son more than my life itself. I am vowing today!- to give myself more credit for the good things that i do. for my accomplishments-physical and spiritual. and i am determined to make sure that my kids... all four of them... know Every SINGLE day; how proud i am of them and how AMAZING i think they are! because they are!
I wonder too, am i the only one that deals with this? i have a feeling that i am not. i come in contact every single day with people that i think are amazing! i would hope that all of you know how amazing you are!
Do something good... and then be willing to give yourself credit! Be PROUD of yourself!
You inspire and touch my heart every day! Thank you!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


SugarPlum Stitches wants to celebrate! We are listing on eBay again!

and... we need your help! We want to get the word out there about our eBay and I know you can help me do that! Here is what we'll do!

If you would pretty please... take a peek at our new eBay auctions (RaggedyHaven) and pick the one that is your favorite. Then share it with your friends! Either share it on your wall over at Facebook or how bout your Blog? Maybe twitter? or even on your MySpace!
( here is the link to the giveaway you can share with your friends:
and here is the link to our eBay: just copy and paste the link where ever you would like to share them! )
Once you do, just come in here to this post, and let me know how/where you have shared the news with your friends by leaving me a comment!
I will be most grateful, and add your name to the drawing for this adorable QT that i just know you would like to take home with ya! Ü
She measures approx 12" tall. Just the perfect size to add a bunch of prim charm to your home.
I would also love to include a sampling of just some of my Hang Tags to share with you.
You have until Saturday to enter. I will choose a winner by random drawing on Saturday night and announce our winner on Sunday.

You mentioned it on Facebook, Blog AND Twitter you say? Well Hot DOG! Each one/"share" will get you an entry to win!

I seriously couldn't do this without all of you! and it is my Customers; with such encouraging comments and lifting words that makes this so much fun for me!

THANK YOU for all you do to help and lift me! xoxoxo!

Monday, June 7, 2010


My Friend Wendy of Primitives From the Attic (or on facebook)is having Another ADORABLE giveaway!
Isnt' she adorable!? I am lucky enough to already have one of Wendy's pieces and LOVE IT! So, why in the world would i come into my blog-to share the good news and possibly lessen my chances to take home this sweet lil' girl myself?
Well, just because i think Wendy's work is adorable! Plus she is a super sweetheart! and... I want YOU to be lucky too! Ü
OK, so you need to go HERE and leave a comment on how amazing and wonderful she is... AND... please tell her i said hello! Ü cause she IS wonderful!
good luck!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Signs of Summer

courtsey of Tasty Kitchen
You Scream, I Scream... we ALL scream for ICE CREAM!
I'm going to tell you a secret, something you might not know about me. When i grow up, I want to be an ice cream truck driver! It's true! For years i have dreamed about the cutest lil' ice cream truck with twinkling music coming from the speakers!
Fun! right?
Is there anything that Screams louder that SUMMER is coming, than ice cream?
and just LOOK at what the Tasty Kitchen has put together! WOW!
Ice Cream to your sweet lil' hearts content!