Monday, June 7, 2010


My Friend Wendy of Primitives From the Attic (or on facebook)is having Another ADORABLE giveaway!
Isnt' she adorable!? I am lucky enough to already have one of Wendy's pieces and LOVE IT! So, why in the world would i come into my blog-to share the good news and possibly lessen my chances to take home this sweet lil' girl myself?
Well, just because i think Wendy's work is adorable! Plus she is a super sweetheart! and... I want YOU to be lucky too! Ü
OK, so you need to go HERE and leave a comment on how amazing and wonderful she is... AND... please tell her i said hello! Ü cause she IS wonderful!
good luck!


  1. Thanks so much sweet Jodi! XOXOXO

    And I LOVVVVVVVVE that sweet tan teddy!!! OMG, adorable!

    If I had the money, man he'd be mine. You never know, if I sell one of my buy it now dolls, he WILL be mine! LOL

    Have a great day girl!

  2. haha! Thanks Wendy! He is a cutie! Ü
    Your newest giveaway is just simply adorable!! Someone is going to be very lucky!

  3. Thanks Jodi, you inspire me. I really need some sleep though. LOL I'm done for the day. I did swap items, auctions... blogged, facebooked... I'm beat. Talk to you later on!!


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