Wednesday, March 23, 2011

increasing by fourteen...

Last couple of weekends, this has been our backyard project. First pouring cement for the foundation... then the raising of the roof!
The kids have been besides themselves excited to go and be able to pick out their babies. We told them that we needed to be closer to having a place to house them, once we got them. As you can see... that time came. We went to pick out our new chicks... and wouldn't you know it... they were SOLD OUT!
The kids were dissapointed, and had to wait a few more days until C.A.L. Ranch got a new shippment... then they got to go and get them. They have been home for a day now...
They got to be out in the grass today... watched over carefully by four big kids...

and Oh Boy! the new housing unit is right next to SugarPlum Stitches Studio's! Oh Boy!

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