About Me

I know that life can be a little hectic sometimes, so i would like to just start off by saying
for taking the time to take a little peek into an important part of my life. We have been SO hard at work coming up with wonderful new patterns, creations, dolls and stitcherys that we just can't wait to show you!!

Enjoy your visit!~
Hello! My name is Jodi Allen.
Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a Mom. I have had the amazing chance, to raise two of the most precious angels on earth!! They are my JOY and help to make my life wonderful. I count myself very blessed for the opportunity that I have been given to be a mother, especially to such amazing little children.

How did SugarPlum Stitches get it's start?

I am a mother full time. My "side" job, and what i LOVE to do is creating with my own two hands! I started listing with ebay November 2001, to see if I could bring in a little extra income for my tiny family that i was raising on my own, and to do something that I enjoy so much. Since then it has grown and blossomed. I have since opened a website and discovered Etsy! love it!

I have had a wonderful time so far and plan on keeping at it!


I have met some amazing and wonderful people, and seen lots of inspiring talent throughout my adventures on ebay, etsy, facebook and on the web! Thank you for all of your amazing and gracious compliments. This all just wouldn't be as much fun without all of you!!

I appreciate you and your encouragement!

God bless all of you!

Thank you so much!
Enjoy your stay! May God bless you and keep you!